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Yearbook of Comparative Labour Law Scholarship 2014

The International Association of Labour Law Journals (IALLJ) is delighted to announce the publication of the Yearbook of Comparative Labour Law Scholarship 2014.

A collaborative project of the IALLJ and the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law (ISLSSL), the Yearbook will bring to a wider audience some of the best in recent labour and employment law scholarship from around the world. This edition of the Yearbook — offered in both softcover and e-book formats — is the inaugural volume in an anticipated series.

For more information and Table of Contents, or to purchase the Yearbook, please visit the Lancaster House online bookstore. To download a two-page brochure, click here.

Latest reports from the Young Legal Scholars

Dear colleagues and friends,

When the initiative of the Young Scholars’ Section started, each national representative was requested to prepare a report to expose the impact of the economic crisis on the recent evolution of the National Labour Law systems in the European Countries (by the different sides of employment contract law, trade union law and collective bargaining and the social security law). On the Young Legal Scholars page you can find the reports which have been sent until now (12), that are the results of the effort of each national group of young scholars of the European embryo, which will be illustrated by the respective national representatives during the Session scheduled in Dublin next 17th of September.

View the National Reports

Giuseppe Casale Adrián Goldin
Secretary-General President


When we started our functions, we announced that one of our priorities would be the launching of a new website that would render more dynamic the work of the Society.

Today, thanks to the generous support of Jeffrey Sack and colleagues at Lancaster House in Canada, and of Steven Willborn (USA), we are delighted to announce the launch (www.islssl.org) (www.sidtss.org).

These changes reflect our first ideas for a better and more dynamic website. They are not exclusive or final and we will continue to innovate in a way that best suits our Society’s project. We look forward to your ideas and proposals. In particular, let us know any errors or omissions that have inevitably crept into the text, due to the large amount of material that we have tried to incorporate.

Among its most important assets, the ISLSSL has both an international character and a multicultural dimension. While the plurality of languages renders its management more complex, the diversity of legal cultures offers an unsurpassed richness that will be available to all members of the Society. The new website should, we fervently hope, help to make this possible.

Please see the Society News for more information.

Giuseppe Casale Adrián Goldin
Secretary General President

Labour law and welfare: Position paper by Prof. Tiziano Treu

Dear colleagues and friends,

With a view to opening a discussion among our members within the newly established website of the ISLSSL, we have asked to Professor Tiziano Treu – one of the greatest contemporary Italian jurists – to prepare a position paper to start a debate on how labour law and social protection systems should “surf” in the present and future contexts.


About the Society

The ISLSSL was constituted in Brussels in June 1958. It is the result of the merger of the International Society for Social Law (São Paulo Congress, 1954, and Brussels Congress, 1958) and the International Congresses of Labour Law (Trieste, 1951, and Geneva, 1957).

The ISLSSL has been established with the following purposes:

  • to study labour and social security law at the national as well as international level,
  • to promote the exchange of ideas and information from a comparative perspective, and
  • to encourage the closest possible collaboration among academics, lawyers, and other experts within the fields of labour and social security law.

The aims of the Society are of a purely scientific character, independent of all considerations of a political, philosophical or religious nature.