Call for Papers for the 2014 Marco Biagi Award


Dear colleagues and friends,

When we assumed the responsibility of leading the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law, we made a decision to establish its Young Lawyers Section. With a view to realizing it without further delays – institutional delays tend to discourage the most attractive projects – we informally started such a process, and with the forthcoming Regional Congress of the Americas to be held in October in Guayaquil, we hurried up to put in place such a process.

We did and, in a context of the greater informality, that section is already underway. It has scheduled a first meeting in Guayaquil – its Latin America “embryo”- and is expected to continue its activity at the European Regional Congress to be held in Dublin in September 2014.

The project has therefore become reality. We believe that it is time to institutionalize it within the national associations. To do this, we ask those who already have a section or a youth committee to tell us the name of the contact person and his or her email address. To those who do not yet have such a section, we invite them to create it, as this will facilitate the international contacts. It also represents an intrinsic value within each national association, so please inform us of those who are responsible including their email address. Those associations that do not create it for reasons that they deem appropriate, we would suggest that a young lawyer be appointed who can perform the function of representation at the international level. The coordinators will then contact these representatives and ask for their participation in the various activities and call for other young lawyers in their respective jurisdiction and be kept informed of the activities carried out by the Young Lawyers Section of the Society.

Although we do not have any deadline on this, as it depends in each case on the operation of the respective statutory bodies of the national societies, we kindly ask you to do so at your earliest convenience.

We are looking forward to your prompt replies and please copy also the current international coordinators of the young lawyers sections: Stefano Bellomo,, and Juan Pablo Mugnolo, For our records, please let us know if there are institutional sections of young lawyers in the national societies, or if your intention is to create or not to create them, and also the name of a designated young lawyer who could take part in this project.

With our best regards,

Giuseppe Casale Adrián Goldin
Secretary General President