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XI American Regional Congress: Cordoba (Argentina),
4-6 September 2019

Main theme: “New forms of work and the challenge for social and labour protection”

More information is available on the Congress website:

II African Regional Congress: Zimbabwe,
27-28 March 2020

Main theme: “Decent Work in Modern and Developing Countries: Contemporary Legal and Social Challenges”

XIII European Regional Congress: Lisbon (Portugal),
2-4 September 2020

Main theme: “Work and Employment in the Digital Era: Legal Challenges”


List of past Regional Congresses

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XII European Regional Congress: Prague (Czech Republic),
20-22 September 2017

List of themes:

    • Theme 1: Migrant Workers;
      Keynote Speaker:
      Kubra Dogan Yenisey
      Yves Jorens
      Catherine Barnard
      Polonca Koncar
    • Theme 2: European Works Council;
      Keynote Speaker:
      Manfred Weiss
      Dagmara Skupień
      Frederic Turlan
      Romuald Jagodziński
    • Theme 3: New forms of Social Security;
      Keynote Speaker:
      Jean-Pierre Laborde
      Franz Marhold
      Jozsef Hajdú
      Ulrich Becker
  • Theme 4: The Role of the State in Industrial Relations;
    Keynote Speaker:
    Stein Evju
    Jesus Cruz Villalon
    Grega Strban
    Petr Hůrka

More information is available on the Congress website:

Report of the Executive Committee Meeting – September 20, 2017

Executive Committee Meeting Report


X American Regional Congress: Panama City (Panama),
26-30 September 2016

List of themes:

  • Theme 1: Evolution and transformation of the sources of Labour Law;
    Keynote Speakers: Lance Compa
    Humberto Villasmil
    Discussant: Fernando Bolaños
  • Theme 2: Syndicalism in face of the transformation of businesses and the presence of new social actors;
    Keynote Speakers: Nelson Manrich
    Anil Verma
    Discussant: Juan Raso-Delgue
  • Theme 3: Social security: how to make it to 2050 with a healthy system, economically and socially;
    Keynote Speaker: Sergio Velasco
    Discussants: Martha Monsalve
    Patricia Kurczyn

XI European Regional Congress: Dublin (Ireland), 17-19 September 2014

List of themes:

    • Theme 1: Labour Rights and Human Rights;
      Keynote Speaker:
      The Honorable Mr Justice Donal O’Donnell
      Keith Ewing
      Janice Bellace
      Bernd Waas
    • Theme 2: The legal and extra legal remedies against discrimination;
      Keynote Speaker:
      Kevin Duffy
      Sylvaine Laulom
      Mark Bell
      Silvana Sciarra
    • Theme 3: Social security issues and state support for the wage-work bargain;
      Keynote Speaker:
      Gerry Whyte
      Keith Puttick
      Christian Welz
      Peter Rigney
    • Theme 4: Alternative dispute resolution;
      Keynote Speaker:
      Bill Roche
      Alex Colvin
      Stein Evju
      Mordehai Mironi
    • Round Table 1: Whistleblowing;
      David Lewis
      Bjorn Fasterling
      Rik van Steenbergen
      Trygstad Sissel
      Wim Vandekerckhove
    • Round Table 2: Economic crisis and labour law reforms;
      Guiseppe Casale
      Alberto Pizzoferrato
      Jesús Cruz Villalón
      Costas Papadimitriou
      Michael Doherty
      Joana Vasconcelos
  • Round Table 3: Data protection and workplace privacy;
    Ken McDonald
    Robert Rebhahn
    Edit Kajtar
    Jose Abrantes
    Diego Alonso
    Matthew Finkin

Conference Papers:


 IX American Regional Congress : Guayaquil (Ecuador), 2-4 October 2013

List of themes followed by conference reports:

    1. Keynote speech: Prof. Arturo Bronstein, former Secretary-General and Honorary President of the ISLSSL on “International Human Rights Law and Labour Law”
    1. Workshop: “International Human Rights Law and Labour Law” chaired by Prof. A. Bronstein
    1. First Theme: “The role of jurisprudence in the fight against employment discrimination”
      General Rapporteur: Prof. Fernando Bolaños (Costa Rica)
       First Theme – General Report [in Spanish, English version forthcoming]
    1. Second Theme: “Collective representation of workers: Evolution of legal regimes from a viewpoint of the collective autonomy and freedom of association”
      General Rapporteur: Prof. Emilio Morgado (Chile)
       Second Theme – General Report [in Spanish, English version forthcoming]
    1. Third Theme: “The self-employed: The legal regime and the extension to the same of rules and institutions of labour law”
      General Rapporteur: Prof. Mario Pasco (Peru)
       Third Theme – General Report [in Spanish, English version forthcoming]
    1. Round Table: “Public and private pension systems: Advantages and disadvantages for workers”
      Chair: Professeur Humberto Villasmil Prieto, President of the ILO Section of the ISLSSL.
  1. Round Table: “Forms of social protection of the workers in the coming decades from a legal and financial viewpoint and proposals for a solution”
    Chair: Prof. Jean Michel Servais, Honorary President of the ISLSSL.

 Informal Executive Committee – Guayaquil

Conference Papers:


X European Regional Congress: Seville (Spain),
21-23 September 2011

List of themes:

  1. Labour law and industrial relations in the light of the economic and social changes
  2. Collective bargaining rights in a globalized economy
  3. Social protection of the unemployed
  4. Round Table: Public and private employment services as intermediaries in the hiring of workers
  5. Round Table: Groups of people who risk labour and social protection
  6. Workshop: The role of the judiciary vis-à-vis the changes in labour law
  7. Workshop: Interruptions and suspensions of the employment relationship

VIII American Regional Congress: Cartagena de Indias (Colombia),
25-28 May 2010

List of themes:

  1. Current situation and the future of public and private pension systems in the light of the worldwide crisis
  2. Public and private systems of settlement of individual and collective labor disputes
  3. The protection of worker’s privacy at the workplace
  4. Round Table: The so-called “news forms of employment” and their impact on:
    1. individual employments relations
    2. collective labour relations
    3. the social protection of workers concerned
  5. Round Table: The use of international law by national courts in the adjudication of labour disputes

IX European Regional Congress: Freiburg (Germany),
16-19 September 2008

List of themes:

  1. Implementation of the equal treatment principle in employment and occupation in the EU and EEC Member States
  2. Status and protection of migrant workers
  3. The impact of demographic trends/developments on pension schemes in Europe
  4. Round Table: The impact of information and communication technologies in the field of labour law
  5. Round Table: The employer’s responsibilities in complex corporate structures
  6. Workshop: Systems of law enforcement under labour law
  7. Workshop: Qualification and training of lawyers and legal advisors in the field of labour law

VII American Regional Congress VII: Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), 31 October – 2 November 2007

List of themes:

  1. The impact of employer economic difficulties on the contract of employment
  2. Protection against anti-union discrimination
  3. Workers’ protection in case of illness
  4. Round Table: What’s new in labour law. Regional perspectives?

Asian Regional Congress VIII: Taipei (Taiwan), 31 October – 3 November 2005

List of themes:

  1. The participation of women in the labour market – toward the goal of gender equality in employment in the 21st century
  2. The impetus for economic restructuring and the protection of workers’ rights
  3. The Asian experiences on the old-age security or pension system
  4. Round Table: The impact of globalisation on work patterns and labour relations

European Regional Congress VIII: Bologna (Italy), 21-23 September 2005

List of themes:

  1. Family allowances
  2. Processes of social law making and implementation within the European Union
  3. Transfer of undertakings: A delicate compromise among individual protection, labour market and economic development
  4. Round Table: The new boundaries of employee information and consultation
  5. Round Table: Challenges in labour law and collective bargaining in Central European countries arising out of their integration into the European Union
  6. Workshop: The respective role of trade union, workers’ representatives, public authorities and other stakeholders in transfers takeovers or other transformations in the structure or size of the enterprise
  7. Workshop: Alternative dispute resolution in labour law

VI American Regional Congress: Querétaro (Mexico),
17 September 2004

List of themes:

  1. Special labour relations
  2. Internationalization of labour and employment relations within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement for the Americas
  3. Social accountability of multinational enterprises: Voluntary codes of labour practices and their private monitoring
  4. Round Table: Evolution and recent trends of the labour law in Europe, North America and Latin America
  5. Round Table: Social security law: Public service or privatization?

Report on the VI American Regional Congress, Mexico 2004 (in Spanish)

II Ibero-American Meeting on Labour Justice: Montevideo (Uruguay), 2 September 2003

List of themes:

  1. How to speed up the procedures in labour litigation?
  2. Case law criteria to determine the existence of an employment relationship

VII European Regional Congress: Stockholm (Sweden) 4-6 September 2002

List of themes:

  1. The autonomy of the collective agreement
  2. Justifications for sex discrimination in the working life
  3. Freedom of movement and transfer of social security rights

VII Asian Regional Congress: Manila (Philippines),
22-24 November 2001

List of themes:

  1. The right to work: Jobs vs. labour standards
  2. Re-examining the role of trade unions in society with emphasis in the informal sector
  3. The protection of children in labour law
  4. Round Table: Globalization: Its effects/impact on the international and national labour standards and social security

V American Regional Congress: Lima (Peru),
16-19 September 2001

List of themes:

  1. Individual labour contracts current issues: The boundaries between dependent and independent work
  2. Basic rights and international commerce: Synchronization between economic efficiency and social protection
  3. Relations between individual and collective labour rights and the social security
  4. Round Table: New forms of work and the labour law
  5. Debate: Recent evolutions of the labour law in the European Union

VI European Regional Congress: Warsaw (Poland),
13-17 September 1999

List of themes:

  1. Social dialogue – economic interdependence and labour law
  2. Wage employment and self-employment
  3. Reforms of social security systems
  4. Round Table: Prospects of the European Union and the Council of Europe’s labour law

 I Ibero-American Meeting on Labour Justice: San José (Costa Rica), 24-25 June 1999

List of themes:

  1. The principle of celerity in labour litigation
  2. Legal assistance to workers
  3. The principles of procedural labour law

IV American Regional Congress: Santiago (Chile),
11-13 November 1998

List of themes:

  1. Globalization and individual labour law
  2. Globalization and collective bargaining
  3. Administrative and financial issues in social security
  4. Round Table: The Labour Clause, the Social Charter and ILO standards in integration and free-trade schemes

V European Regional Congress: Leiden (Netherlands),
18-21 September 1996

List of themes:

  1. The future of labour law
  2. The future of the dismissal law
  3. The future of the social security law
  4. Panel Discussion: Labour law: Further separation from civil law?

VI Asian Regional Congress: Hobart (Australia),
11-14 February 1996

List of themes:

  1. Technological changes and social protection
  2. The labour policy issues for the old-age worker
  3. Law and the protection of non-regular workers
  4. Panel Discussion: The impact of economic globalization on labour standards

III American Regional Congress: Montreal (Canada),
24-27 May 1995

List of themes:

  1. The employee’s right to privacy
  2. The future of collective bargaining and new forms of employment
  3. Health care: Public and/or private systems?
  4. Panel Discussion: The labour law aspects of the regional economic integration

IV European Regional Congress: Brussels (Belgium),
7-9 September 1993

List of themes:

  1. Labour law and developments in Europe:
  1. with reference to the sole European Market
  2. with reference to the change from a centralised to a market economy
  • Labour law in small and medium-sized undertakings: Flexibility or adjustment
  • The role of social security in the struggle against unemployment
  • Panel Discussion: Those excluded from labour law and social security

I African Regional Congress: Tunis (Tunisia),
18-19 April 1991

List of themes:

  1. The origins of labour law in Africa
  2. Principles of labour law and African realities
  3. Role and functions of the state in industrial relations in Africa
  4. Problems of medical insurance in Africa

V Asian Regional Congress: Tokyo (Japan),
26-29 March 1990

List of themes:

  1. Statutory regulation of wages in Asian countries
  2. Dismissal procedures and termination benefits in Asian countries
  3. Settlement of labour disputes in Asian countries
  4. Panel Discussion: Investment and labour law: Foreign enterprises and industrial relations in Asia

II American Regional Congress: San José (Costa Rica),
5-9 March 1990

List of themes:

  1. The settlement of collective labour disputes in the public sector and services
  2. Social protection vis-à-vis illness, invalidity, old age and death
  3. Individual labour disputes: Settlement by courts or collective agreements
  4. Social consequences of structural adjustment policies
  5. Panel Discussion: The purposes of labour law

III European Regional Congress: Paris (France),
13-15 September 1989

List of themes:

  1. Trends towards deregulation and their impact on the theory of the sources of labour law
  2. Legislative and judicial modifications concerning trade union activities and the freedom of strike
  3. New forms of recruitment and precarious employment relations
  4. Restructuring of enterprises and its impact on employment
  5. Flexibilisation of working time
  6. Respective role of public authorities and private initiative in social security policy

I American Regional Congress: Buenos Aires (Argentina),
27-30 April 1987

List of themes:

  1. The role of collective agreements in the national economy
  2. Prevention of anti-union practices
  3. The impact of new technologies on conditions of work and employment
  4. The protection of workers’ claims in crises of enterprises through social security machinery

IV Asian Regional Congress: Singapore (Singapore),
3-6 February 1987

List of themes:

  1. The legal status of workers’ and employers’ organizations
  2. Labour law aspects of safety and health protection
  3. The situation of the worker in case of sickness
  4. The publication of labour laws in Asian countries
  5. Panel Discussion: The general theory of labour law: Recent developments in ideas about the functions of labour law

II European Regional Congress: Jesolo (Italy),
8-10 September 1986

List of themes:

  1. Technological change and the employment relationship
  2. Hiring procedures
  3. Employers’ responsibility regarding occupational accidents

III Asian Regional Congress III: Bangkok (Thailand),
8-11 January 1985

List of themes:

  1. Labour relations in the public sector of the economy, with particular reference to workers’ rights and responsibilities
  2. Child labour
  3. Old-age benefit schemes
  4. Panel Discussion: Asian approach to labour relations

I European Regional Congress: Szeged (Hungary),
19-21 September 1984

List of themes:

  1. Methods of comparative labour laws
  2. Conflict of laws in labour law
  3. Current problems of retirement

II Asian Regional Congress: Seoul (Korea),
14-16 September 1983

List of themes:

  1. Labour relations in essential services
  2. Employment injuries: Benefits and rehabilitation
  3. New forms and aspects of atypical employment relations

I Asian Regional Congress: Manila (Philippines),
16-19 December 1980

List of themes:

  1. Settlement of labour disputes
  2. Codification of labour law
  3. The position of women in labour law and social security