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Transformations of Work: Challenges for the National Systems of Labour Law and Social Security

It is our pleasure to invite you to the XXII World Congress of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law (ISLSSL) on “Transformations of Work: Challenges for the National Systems of Labour Law and Social Security” which will be held from 4 to 7 September 2018 in Turin, Italy.

The World Congress will certainly be a great occasion for an international debate on the latest trends and issues in the changing world of work.

The following main themes will be presented at the World Congress and are the result of the seven international research groups created for this event.

Please refer also to the Call for Papers.

In line with the main themes of the Congress, several key topics will be presented and discussed during the parallel sessions, among others: Future of Work; Labour law and digits in the second machine age; Collective Labour Law; the Role of Social Dialogue and Labour Law reforms; the Enforcement of Labour Legislation.

Registration to the Congress

Registration is now open at XXII ISLSSL World Congress website.
Special fees for early bird registration will be offered until mid-February 2018!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Turin on 4-7 September 2018.

Kind regards,

XXII ISLSSL World Congress Torino 2018
The Organising Committee

“Transformations of Work: Challenges for the National Systems of Labour Law and Social Security”

Turin, Italy

ISLSSL World Congress XXII

World Congress XXI: Cape Town (South Africa), 15-18 September 2015 

List of Themes:

  1. Collective bargaining – and beyond?
  2. Social security: Which way forward?
  3. Equality and citizenship at work as conceptual
    foundations for labour law
  4. Labour law and development
  5. Round Table: Have ILO principles contributed to workable labour relations? A case study of South Africa’s Labour Relations Act 20 years on

Position Papers:

Conference Papers:


More information is available on the Congress website:

World Congress XX: Santiago (Chile), 25-28 September 2012

List of Themes:

  1. The effectiveness of labour law and the role of labour inspection
  2. Mobbing and sexual harassment in the workplace
  3. The strike as a fundamental right and its potential for conflict with other fundamental rights of citizens

Conference Papers:


World Congress XIX: Sydney (Australia), 1-4 September 2009

List of Themes:

  1. Regulatory frameworks and law enforcement in new forms of employment
  2. Workers’ representation and social dialogue at the workplace level
  3. Emerging patterns of social protection in light of structural changes (aging population, changing family structures, immigration, budgetary constraints, political and ideological realignments)
  4. Round Table: Work and family life
  5. Workshop: What’s new in labour law?

Conference Papers:

World Congress XVIII: Paris (France), 5-8 September 2006

List of Themes:

  1. Trade liberalization and labour law and social security
  2. Labour law (in its individual and collective aspects) and productive decentralization
  3. Occupational risks: Social protection and the employer’s liability
  4. Round Table: What future for statutory regulation in the field of labour law?


  • PDF Theme 1 Questionnaire: EN | ES | FR
  • PDF Theme 2 Questionnaire: EN | ES | FR
  • PDF Theme 3 Questionnaire: EN | ES | FR

Conference Papers:


World Congress XVII: Montevideo (Uruguay), 2-5 September 2003

List of Themes:

  1. The agents of collective bargaining
  2. Labour law and the fundamental rights of the person
  3. Social protection for the unemployed
  4. Round Table: Labour law vis-à-vis new forms of corporate organization
  5. Round Table: Challenges and perspectives of the labour law

Conference Papers:

World Congress XVI: Jerusalem (Israel), 3-7 September 2000

List of Themes:

  1. Industrial relations, including collective disputes, in the public sector
  2. Similarities and differences between labour contracts and civil and commercial contracts
  3. Retirement pensions (social security): national schemes, social insurances and private funds
  4. Round Table: Labour market and continuous education

Conference Papers:


World Congress XV: Buenos Aires (Argentina), 22-26 September 1997

List of Themes:

  1. Discrimination in employment
  2. International dimensions of collective bargaining: Legal aspects
  3. Human rights and social security
  4. Panel Discussion: Labour law and the informal sector

World Congress XIV: Seoul (Korea), 27-30 September 1994

List of Themes:

  1. Promotion and regulation of job creation opportunities
  2. Migrant workers (labour law issues)
  3. Social security in the year 2000: Potentialities and problems (including international harmonisation)
  4. Panel Discussion: Respective influence of foreign and indigenous factors in the development of labour law and social security

World Congress XIII: Athens (Greece), 18-21 September 1991

List of Themes:

  1. The impact of economic difficulties in the enterprise on working conditions
  2. Methods of settlement of collective interest disputes
  3. Legal problems of regulation and implementation of a minimum income for everyone
  4. Panel Discussion: Labour law, social security and economy

World Congress XII: Madrid (Spain), 20-23 September 1988

List of Themes:

  1. Sanctions for violations or non-compliance with labour regulations
  2. Workers’ inventions
  3. Voluntary pension funds and their relation with compulsory social security schemes
  4. Panel Discussion: General labour law theory today. Recent developments and trends in the concept of labour law function

World Congress XI: Caracas (Venezuela), 17-20 September 1985

List of Themes:

  1. Procedures and structures of collective bargaining at enterprise and plant level
  2. New aspects of atypical employment relationships
  3. Employment injuries – Benefits and rehabilitation
  4. Methods of comparative labour law

World Congress X: Washington (United States), 7-10 September 1982

List of Themes:

  1. Workers’ participation in decisions within undertakings
  2. Termination of employment on the initiative of the employer and income security of the workers concerned
  3. The position of women in labour law and social security

World Congress IX: Munich (Germany), 12-15 September 1978

List of Themes:

  1. Arbitration and the role of courts: The administration of justice in labour law
  2. The situation of the worker in the case of sickness
  3. The codification of the labour law

World Congress VIII: Selva di Fasano (Italy), 17-19 September 1974

List of Themes:

  1. Rights and functions of trade unions and their representatives at enterprise level
  2. Mergers and other changes in structure and in control of enterprises and their effect upon workers
  3. The adjudication of social insurance claims

World Congress VII: Warsaw (Poland), 14-17 September 1970

List of Themes:

  1. The development of workers’ protection with particular reference to technological advance
  2. The role of “fault” in social security legislation
  3. Wage policy: The role of the State and of the employers’ and employees’ organizations

World Congress VI: Stockholm (Sweden), 15-17 August 1966

List of Themes:

  1. Legal aspects of the calculation of social security benefits, in particular as regards changes in the cost of living and the level of wages
  2. The difference in the treatment of various categories of employees (manual and non-manual workers, supervisory personnel, managerial staff, public employees, etc.) with regard to law and collective bargaining as well as to industrial practice in general
  3. The present state of law teaching and research in labour law and social security law, and the relations between these disciplines and the surrounding social sciences

World Congress V: Lyon (France), 18-22 September 1963

List of Themes:

  1. Relationship between trade unions and their members
  2. The settlement of disputes concerning the exercise of disciplinary powers by the employers, including dismissal
  3. Liability of the individual employee for damage done to the employer, to fellow employees and to third parties
  4. The impact of the law of social security on the legal position of the employer in connection with industrial accidents and occupational diseases

World Congress IV: Brussels (Belgium), 8-15 June 1958

List of Themes:

  1. Individual labour relations
  2. Collective labour relations
  3. Social security
  4. The State and the organization of insurance against work injuries
  5. Labour relations and social security in non-metropolitan territories
  6. Federal and supra-national structures and social legislation

World Congress III: Geneva (Switzerland), 12-14 September 1957

List of Themes:

  1. Content, legal effects, application and execution of collective agreements
  2. Conflicts of laws in labour matters; international standards and general principles

World Congress II: São Paulo (Brazil), 8-15 August 1954

List of Themes:

  1. Individual contract of employment
  2. Collective agreement
  3. Social security
  4. Free-choice themes

World Congress I: Trieste (Italy), 24-27 May 1951

List of Themes:

  1. Creation of an international labour law
  2. Creation of a common labour law
  3. Codification of labour law