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XI International Seminar on Comparative Labour Law “Isla de Margarita” 2020

Procedural labour law. A fundamental way of ensuring the rights of social actors.

Online Seminar

2 November – 5 december 2020

A new edition of the International Seminar on Comparative Labour Law usually held at Isla Margarita (Venezuela) will be conducted online on 2 November – 5 December 2020. 
For more information, please refer to the program below (available only in Spanish).

1st International and comparative seminar of labour law, labour relations and social security – Isla Margarita, Venezuela

April 21-29, 2013


You can find the final agenda of the Seminar of Isla Margarita in the Spanish version.


The Postgraduate Seminar on International and Comparative Labour Law of Isla Margarita has been on-going since 2011 under the organization of the Fundación Universitas and under the auspices of the Venezuelan chapter of the ISLSSL, which has awarded scholarships with a view to promoting the participation of young lawyers.

From the forthcoming edition, and as announced during the last meetings of our Executive Committee and the General Assembly (Santiago, Chile), we would like to deepen our relationship with the aforementioned seminar.   This renewed relationship will be based on the creation of an International Advisory Committee, composed of representatives designated by each of the Latin American national associations of our society. Its role will be to act as a consultative body at the time of organising each seminar and when deciding on the granting of ISLSSL fellowships.

As far as the design of each seminar is concerned, the organizers should consult the  Committee before the elaboration of the program – topics, speakers, activities, etc. – or to submit the draft programme to the Committee, for evaluation and suggestions as well as the request for fellowships.

The invitation to be part of the International Advisory Committee for this Seminar has received a large response from our Latin American societies and its composition is the following:

  • Carlos Ayala Montero (Academia Panameña de DT)
  • Juan Manuel Charría Segura (Colegio de Abogados del Trabajo de Colombia)
  • Flor Espinoza Huacón (Sociedad Ecuatoriana de DTySS)
  • Cesar Landelino Franco López (Asociación Guatemalteca de DTySS)
  • Mario López Larrave (Asociación Guatemalteca de DTySS)
  • Graciela González (Asociación Argentina de DTySS)
  • Patricia Kurczyn Villalobos (Asociación Mexicana de DTySS )
  • Héctor A. Jaime Martínez (Asociación Venezolana de Profesores de DT)
  • Rafael Pereira Lagos (Sociedad Chilena de DTySS)
  • Luiz Carlos Amorim Robortella (Instituto Cesarino Junior)
  • Jorge Rosenbaum Rímolo (Asociación Uruguaya de DTySS)

Having agreed on this occasion to assign fellowships of U.S. $1,000 each, we will proceed to the establishment of a fellowships subcommittee with a maximum of five persons to be selected from Committee members (as far as possible) and among those national societies which have not submitted candidates for fellowships, with a view to ensuring maximum transparency and integrity for the selection of candidates.

The submission of applications for scholarships should be carried out by the respective national association, accompanied by a curriculum vitae of the applicant and certifying compliance with the ISLSSL rules for the granting of fellowships.

The application process is now open and the deadline is January 31, 2013. Information on the seminar is available at