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In memoriam: Pierre Verge

On 7 February, at the age of 79, our colleague Pierre Verge passed away. He had dedicated his whole career to teaching and research at the Faculty of Law at Laval University.

Professor Verge studied law at the University of Toronto and Laval University. He received his doctorate from the latter. In addition, he held a Master’s Degree in Economics from McGill University and another in arts from the University of Cambridge. He started his career as a professor in the Faculty of Law at Laval University in 1967. He became a full professor in 1972. He was Dean of the Faculty of Law, president of the Canadian Association of Law Professors and a visiting professor at several universities in Canada and Europe.

In 1998, he was appointed member of the independent evaluation committee on the operation and efficiency of the North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation (NAALC). Queen’s Counsel, member of the Quebec bar association since 1961, Pierre Verge was a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

A long-term representative of Canada on the Executive Committee of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law, he played a major role in it, organising a regional conference for the Americas in Montreal in May 1995. The list of issues covered (right to privacy in the field of labour law; the future of collective bargaining and new forms of employment; healthcare: private and/or public scheme?; regional economic integration from the perspective of labour law) shows the strong awareness Pierre Verge had of problems that were starting to arise in the labour field. With colleagues, he founded the Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation du travail (CRIMT – Interuniversity Research Centre on Globalization and Work).

Our colleague published a lot, especially on collective labour relations and trade union institutions as well as the transformation and international aspects of labour. His last work, Configuration diversifiée de l’entreprise et droit du travail, written with Sophie Dufour, was published in 2003 and remains topical. Pierre Verge trained high-quality students who are following in his footsteps today. They took the initiative of producing a book Autonomie collective et droit du travail Mélanges en l’honneur du Professeur Pierre Verge (Québec, Presses de l’Université Laval, 2014), edited by Dominic Roux. He had just received it.

Pierre was a brilliant professor and researcher always on the lookout for new issues. He was a man of conviction, a good and kind man. Along with his wife, children and grandchildren, and academic communities in Quebec and Canada, there are many who will miss him.

Jean-Michel Servais

Latest reports from the Young Legal Scholars

Young Scholars Section – European Embryo

When the initiative of the Young Scholars’ Session started, each national representative has been requested to prepare a report to expose the impact of the economic crisis on the recent evolution of the National Labour Law systems in the European Countries (by the different sides of employment contract law, trade union law and collective bargaining and the social security law). On this page you can find the reports which have been sent until now (12), that are the results of the effort of each national group of young scholars of the European embryo, which will be illustrated by the respective national representatives during the Session scheduled in Dublin next 17th of September.

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Young Legal Scholars Society – South Africa

Sarvani Morgan, Labournet; Nic Preston, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr; and Neil Searle, Fasken Martineau are members of the SASLAW Young Legal Scholars society.  This team has been active in recruiting student memberships since the beginning of 2014.

Their activities include:

  • The creation of a project and marketing plan
  • Visits to the Universities of Pretoria and Johannesburg to a student career day and to a 4th year class to promote SASLAW membership
  • The creation of a Twitter account – @SASLAW0
  • The planning of a student conference in July 2014 at the University of Pretoria
  • The committee made a proposal to the SASLAW national committee to attend the Dublin Regional Conference in September. SASLAW will assist with accommodation and registration, and the committee members are to find sponsorship for their own flights

The SASLAW national committee has sent out a call to the Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth chapters to appoint a young scholar/attorney to the national YLS committee.

April 2014

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Activities of the Young Legal Scholars Section Update

The Latin American Branch

After the very interesting session that took place during the American Regional Congress, the Latin American Branch of the Young Legal Scholars Section is currently working on the edition of the reports presented on that occasion by the various national delegations. The draft of the book will be submitted to a double-independent opinion, before being published by the Law Research Institute (IIJ) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico – UNAM.

The Branch has also launched a doctrinal development investigation around the theme of the “employment relationship” that will be discussed at the International and Comparative Seminar of Margarita Island. To this end, we have defined four main themes, namely: 1. “The role of private or voluntary initiative in the establishment and modification of working conditions”; 2. “The construction of the concept of the employment relationship”; 3. “The employment relationship and labour law” and 4. “Building up the notion of the employment relationship with the aim to preserve labour law”, whose respective coordination is assigned to lawyers of various nationalities.

We are pleased to note that the national associations of Argentina (also their subsidiary in the province of Cordoba), Chile, Costa Rica and Peru have formed their own sections of young legal scholars, in response to the call of ISLSSL.

All young American legal scholars who are interested in participating in these activities may contact Dr. Juan Pablo Mugnolo (

The European Branch

During the next European Regional Congress of Dublin, there will be a Young Scholars Session, in parallel with the first experience of the American Regional Congress of Guayaquil. The session has been scheduled in the Congress’ program on Wednesday, 17th September, 12:15 (beginning of participants’ registration) – 2:30 p.m., in the Sutherland School of Law. The guideline document containing the call for participants, as drawn up from the European coordinator Prof. Stefano Bellomo and his working group, has been posted on the ISLSSL website and will be sent in the next weeks to each European National Member.

Concerning the activities of the National Members, it should be noted that the Spanish Association of Labour Law and Social Security has created its own Young Legal Scholar Section, already very active and which organizes its yearly meetings in September (for more information, please contact the section’s responsible: Mr Josè Maria Miranda Boto at (

Also the South African Association, SASLAW has recently created its Young Scholar Section, whose head is Sarvani Morgan (

Finally, the Austrian Society for Labour Law has appointed Ms Elisabeth Kohlbacher from the Business University of Vienna ( and Mr Elias Felten from Salzburg University (, as contact persons for Austria in order to establish the Young Scholar Section. The Austrian Society also announced that during its next national conference, to be held from 26 to 28 of March 2014 in Zell am See (Salzburg) there will be a meeting of young labour lawyers.

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New Officers in Colombia

2013-14 Members of the Board of Directors of the Labour Law Society of Colombia:

  • President: Diana María Gómez Hoyos
  • Vice-president: Ramiro Vargas Osorno
  • Álvaro Diego Román Bustamante
    Andrés Dacosta Herrera
    Carlos Gustavo García Méndez
    Carlos Javier Cadavid Morales
    Iván Mauricio Lenis Gómez
    Jaime Cardona Botero
    Jorge Ávila Triana
    Juan Manuel Charria Segura
    Juliana Benrey Zorro
    María Alejandra Valdivieso Rojas
  • Treasurer: Sandra Milena Goldwasser Garzón
  • Comptroller: Camilo Alberto Cuervo Díaz
  • Secretary: Adriana Cubaque Cañavera ( or

The ILO section of the ISLSSL at the International Labour Conference

On 17 June 2013 during the International Labour Conference (ILC), the ILO Section of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law held a conference with the Judge Carlos Ernesto Molina Monsalve, a member of the Board Labour Cassation of the Supreme Court of Colombia, who spoke on “La influencia de las normas internacionales del trabajo en la jurisprudencia colombiana: balances y perspectivas”. The President of the ILO Section ISLSSL, Humberto Villasmil Prieto, welcomed all the participants and he then made a presentation of the speaker. The Secretary-General of the ISLSSL, Giuseppe Casale, discussed on the speech of judge Molina whom he invited to further exchanges  during the conclusion of the Conference. Among the participants of the conference there were Judge Mauricio Burgos, a member of the Board Labour Cassation of the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia; Judges Luis Guillermo Guerrero and Gabriel Mendoza, Colombia’s Constitutional Court; as well as Judge Francisco Ricaurte Gomez Superior Council of the Judiciary. In addition to the ILO officials who atended the conference Mr. Alberto Echavarria Saldarriaga, Board member of the ILO and Colombia employer delegate to the ILC, and Jorge Estrada, Laboralistas Committee member of the ANDI of Colombia were among the participants.

New Officers in Spain

New authorities of the Asociación Española de Derecho del Trabajo y de la Seguridad Social:

  • President: Jesús Cruz Villalón (Catedrático Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Vice-president of Social Security: Remedios Roqueta Buj (Catedrático Universidad de Valencia)
  • Vice-president of Labour Law: Magdalena Nogueira Guastavino (Catedrática Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • Secretary General: Ricardo Esteban Legarreta (Profesor Titular Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)
  • Gemma Sobrino González (Profesora contratada doctor Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

 National Congress of the Spanish Association

New Officers in Peru

New authorities of the Peruvian Society for Labour and Social Security Law:

  • President: Jaime Zavala Costa
  • Vice-President: Alfonso De los Heros Pérez Albela
  • Secretary: José Luis Germán Ramírez-Gastón Ballón
  • Deputy Secretary: Carlos Alberto Quispe Montesinos
  • Treasurer: Carlos Guillermo Morales Morante
  • Deputy Treasurer: Roberto Juan Servat Pereira de Sousa
  • Secretary of Libraries and Publications: Raúl Guillermo Saco Barrios
  • Secretary of Conferences and Events: Martín Alberto Carrillo Calle
  • Secretary of International Relations: César José Gonzáles Hunt