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Latest reports from the Young Legal Scholars

Young Scholars Section – European Embryo

When the initiative of the Young Scholars’ Session started, each national representative has been requested to prepare a report to expose the impact of the economic crisis on the recent evolution of the National Labour Law systems in the European Countries (by the different sides of employment contract law, trade union law and collective bargaining and the social security law). On this page you can find the reports which have been sent until now (12), that are the results of the effort of each national group of young scholars of the European embryo, which will be illustrated by the respective national representatives during the Session scheduled in Dublin next 17th of September.

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New Officers in Greece

New authorities of the Greek Association of Labour and Social Security Law: President: Prof. Costas PAPADIMITRIOU

E-mail: k.papadimitriou @ Vice-President: Prof. George LEVENTIS Secretary: Deta PETROGLOU Treasurer: Eleni DIONISSOPOULOU Public Relations: Costis BAKOPOULOS Members: Prof. Ioannis KOUKIADIS Wizard. Prof. Patrina PAPARRIGOPOULOU

In 2012, several activities were organised under the auspices of the Greek Association of Labour Law and Social Security (EDEKA). Among others, mention should be made of the following:

  • On  May  25-26,  2012  the  12th  National  Conference  was  organized  in Karpenisi, Greece under the title “The deterioration of working conditions”. The speeches of prominent university professors and labour law lawyers were followed by a lively debate.
  • On October 2, 2012 an international conference under the title “Labour law on the edge between the protection of workers and the support of entrepreneurship”  was organized in honour of Professor G. Leventis with the participation of Prof. Ulrich Preis, Cologne University, Μartin Franzen, Munich  University  and  Robert  Rebhahn,  Vienna  University.  All  the speeches were published electronically.
  • On November 2, 2012 EDEKA invited Prof. Lyon Caen, University Paris Ouest Nanterre to give a speech on “Labour Law and Economy” in the Athens Bar Association.