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The ILO section of the ISLSSL at the International Labour Conference

On 17 June 2013 during the International Labour Conference (ILC), the ILO Section of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law held a conference with the Judge Carlos Ernesto Molina Monsalve, a member of the Board Labour Cassation of the Supreme Court of Colombia, who spoke on “La influencia de las normas internacionales del trabajo en la jurisprudencia colombiana: balances y perspectivas”. The President of the ILO Section ISLSSL, Humberto Villasmil Prieto, welcomed all the participants and he then made a presentation of the speaker. The Secretary-General of the ISLSSL, Giuseppe Casale, discussed on the speech of judge Molina whom he invited to further exchanges  during the conclusion of the Conference. Among the participants of the conference there were Judge Mauricio Burgos, a member of the Board Labour Cassation of the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia; Judges Luis Guillermo Guerrero and Gabriel Mendoza, Colombia’s Constitutional Court; as well as Judge Francisco Ricaurte Gomez Superior Council of the Judiciary. In addition to the ILO officials who atended the conference Mr. Alberto Echavarria Saldarriaga, Board member of the ILO and Colombia employer delegate to the ILC, and Jorge Estrada, Laboralistas Committee member of the ANDI of Colombia were among the participants.

New Officers at the ILO

The following are the new authorities of the ILO Section of the ISLSSL: President Humberto VILLASMIL PRIETO E-mail:

Vice-President: Angelika MULLER E-mail:

Secretary-Treasurer:René ROBERT E-mail:

In November 2012, the ILO Section of the ISLSSL organised a meeting in Geneva with the participation of Prof. A. Goldin, President of the ISLSSL, Dr. G. Casale, Secretary-General, and Prof. S. Bellomo, Treasurer. During the meeting Prof. Goldin presented the new agenda of the Society to ILO colleagues and invited the young scholars to be active in the forthcoming events organised by the Society.