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Latest reports from the Young Legal Scholars

Young Scholars Section – European Embryo

When the initiative of the Young Scholars’ Session started, each national representative has been requested to prepare a report to expose the impact of the economic crisis on the recent evolution of the National Labour Law systems in the European Countries (by the different sides of employment contract law, trade union law and collective bargaining and the social security law). On this page you can find the reports which have been sent until now (12), that are the results of the effort of each national group of young scholars of the European embryo, which will be illustrated by the respective national representatives during the Session scheduled in Dublin next 17th of September.

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The Associazione Italiana di Diritto del lavoro e della Sicurezza Sociale – AIDLaSS 50th Anniversary

The Associazione Italiana di Diritto del lavoro e della Sicurezza Sociale, AIDLaSS ( was established in 1963.

This year the Annual Meeting of AIDLASS’s members (Giornate di Studio) will take place on May 16-17 in Bologna and it will be focused on the impact of the Economic Crisis on the fundamental theoretical basis of Labour Law.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the AIDLASS, the ISLSSL’s President Adrián Goldin has been invited to take part to the opening ceremony. The agreement of the highest ILSSL representative to attend the meeting has to be appreciated as an important acknowledgement of the contribution given by the AIDLaSS to the development of modern labour law.

Furthermore, an international round table has been scheduled for the second day of the meeting, when scholars from several European countries will debate about the core issue of the meeting from their national perspectives.

For further information about the Meeting please click here for the detailed program.

New Officers in Italy

New authorities of the Italian Association of Labour Law and Social Security (AIDLASS) include:

President: Prof. Giuseppe SANTORO PASSERELLI E-mail:

Secretary Prof. Maurizio RICCI


Other members are:

Prof.  Emilio  Balletti  (Seconda  Università  di  Napoli),  Prof.  Francesco Baseghi (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia),   Prof. Alessandro Bellavista (Università di Palermo), Prof. Riccardo Del Punta (Università di Firenze), Prof. Madia D’Onghia (Università di Foggia), Prof. Domenico Garofalo (Università di Bari), Prof. Sandro Mainardi (Università di Bologna), Prof. Angelo Pandolfo (Università di Roma Sapienza), Prof. Rosario Santucci (Università del Sannio di Benevento).

The Italian Association will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. A national conference will be held in Bologna on 16-17 May 2013 on the theme: “The economic crisis and the fundamentals of labour law”.

There will be the participation of Italian professors as well as European ones such as Miguel Rodriguez Pinero, Antoine Jeammaud, Alan Neal and Maximilian Fuchs.  More information is available at