10ème Congrès américain régional sur le travail et le droit de la sécurité sociale 2016

ISLSSL-logo Panama
26 à 30 septembre 2016

Remarque: Il n’y a pas de traduction française pour le texte suivant.

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1. Call

The International Society for Labor and Social Security Law and its partner in Panama, the Labor Law Academy of Panama (APADETRA, for its name in Spanish), are pleased to convene the 10th Labor and Social Security Law American Regional Congress (« 10th LSSLARC 2016 ») which will take place in Panama City in the RIU hotel from the 26th to 30th September 2016.

2. Congress Topics

The 10th LSSLARC 2016 will address three official topics and include three round tables, opening conference, event for young scholars, national event, special conference on seafarers work and presentation of posters, national reports and free papers. Please refer to the topics and round tables at the end of this call.

3. Accommodation

The event will take place in RIU HOTEL, a 5 stars premium hotel in Panama City and a second premium tourist hotel will be available to accommodate participants. Participants will be able to choose between standard deluxe and tourist standard tariffs (prices will be announced in the congress website).

Accommodation will be handled by the Congress Official Agency Pesantez Tours (contact details below in section 11 « Tourism »).

4. Transportation

The Organizing Committee will offer airport-hotel- airport to participants who wish to book said service. Additionally, the Organizing Committee will take required actions to provide ground transportation to foreign participants (included in registration fee).

5. Registration Fee

There will be different fees for each of the following four types of participants: foreigners, locals, local students and companions.

There will be three different dates for payment of registration fees. The first date is until January 31, 2016 and grants 20% discount on registration fees. Up to three month before the event (June 25, 2016), 10% discount will be granted.

Registration fee:
Foreigners: USD $400.00
Panama Citizens: USD $300.00
Panama B.A. Students: USD $150.00
Companions: USD $150.00

Closing Dinner: USD $75.00

Payment of Registration Fee entitles to, in addition to attendance to Congress sessions, to the following:

  • Opening cocktail
  • Coffee breaks during the event
  • Panama Canal Tours (foreigners only)
  • Cultural event
  • Congress work materials
  • USB with official and non-official Congress papers.

Companions will be entitled to:

  • Opening cocktail
  • Panama Canal Tours (foreigners only)
  • Cultural event
  • City Tour or Shopping Tour

6. Presentation of national reports and free papers

Presentation of selected free papers will be allowed. The Organizing Committee, together with the Board of Directors of the International Society for Labor and Social Security Law (ISLSSL), will prepare the rules for drafting and presentations of free papers. Said contributions will be published in electronic format for distribution amongst participants. The Organizing Committee will provide a template for submission of reports per country and Congress topic. The Organizing Committee, together with the Board of Directors of the ISLSSL, will prepare the rules for drafting and presentation of country reports.

7. Languages

The 10th LSSLARC will use two (2) languages: Spanish as official working language and English via simultaneous translation.

8. Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee in charge of logistics and academic aspects of the event is led by:

9. Cultural and networking activities

The Organizing Committee, through the Official Agency of the 10th LSSLARC, will organize a series of cultural and touristic events as follows:

  • City tour or Shopping tour for companions (included in companion registration fee).
  • Cultural event (included in registration fee).
  • Visit to the new Panama Canal (included in foreigner and companion registration fee).
  • Opening Cocktail (included in registration fee).
  • Closing Dinner, at an additional fee for those wishing to attend.

10. Information

The Organizing Committee has created the web page: www.xcrame2016.com with all the information required to participate in the event. You also can get information asking to: info@xcrame2016.com APADETRA will provide required information via

11. Tourism

The Official Agency of the 10th LSSLARC Pesantez Tours will offer pre and post Congress options for those participants and companions wishing to enjoy further their stay in Panama. Pesantez Tours contact details: (507) 223-5374 / 366-9100, gerencia@pesanteztours.com, www.pesantez-tours.com.

12. Flights

The Organizing Committee will negotiate with the Panama flag airline COPA discounted rates in air flights to Panama City. Information will be provided in the 10th LSSLARC webpage.


The subjects that have been proposed to the Board of Directors of the International Society for Labor and Social Security Law (ISLSSL) are the following:

  1. Opening Conference
    1.1 The use of control technologies and their impact on work and workers

    1. Who gathers personal information?
    2. Should they be held in custody?
    3. How and which technologies can be used to control the working environment and work activities?
    4. Limits to monitoring work activities through new technologies.
    5. Should privacy be waived in light of the employer’s right to control and the inevitable advancement of new technologies?
  2. Core subjects
    2.1 Evolution and transformation of the sources of Labour Law

    1. The impact of social clauses in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) in the system of sources.
    2. New scenarios; « soft law » (codes of conduct, declarations of principles).
    3. Judicial interpretation as a means of evolution of the system of sources.
    4. Constitutional block theory.
    5. International labour laws and national legal systems.
    6. Effectiveness of pronouncements by control organs and protection of international law.
    7. Tendency towards Contract.

    2.2 Syndicalism in face of the transformation of businesses and the presence of new social actors

    1. Effects of the new forms of business organization over the development of syndicalism.
    2. The syndicate in face of the new means of representation in businesses.
    3. New forms of syndical participation in the control of the application of regulations in the business: syndical seal.
    4. The new social actors.
    5. The use of new technology as an element of transformation and strengthening of syndical action.

    2.3 Social security: how to make it to 2050 with a healthy system, economically and socially

    1. New forms of financing.
    2. Broadening of coverage.
    3. Profitability of pension systems.
    4. Protection in times of crisis.
    5. Financial stability.
    6. Solidarity vs. Profitability.
  3. Round tables
    3.1 The formalization of work-place informality

    1. What is work-place informality?
    2. How informal work should be formalized.
    3. Role of the ILO.
    4. Role of governments, employers and syndicates.
    5. Sub-protection of informality.

    3.2 The effectiveness of the labour process reform

    1. Beyond orality: the keys to labour process reforms.
    2. Development of new resources for new matters.
    3. Shortcomings of oral systems.
    4. Obsolescence of process figures.
    5. Others.

    3.3 Individual expressions of citizenship and their impact in the labor world

    1. Conduct excesses in work festivities: consequences and who to hold responsible.
    2. Hygiene policies and attire: tattoos, lip sticks, hats or equivalents, non-occidental attire.
    3. Domestic violence and its impact in the work-place: victims or aggressors as workers … how to handle it?
    4. Appointing tasks based on gender-based stereotypes: legal or illegal; where to draw the line?
  4. Special Maritime Labor Conference
    An updated vision of seafarers’ work:

    1. hiring and intermediation;
    2. practical application of the 2006 Convention;
    3. access to justice and applicable law;
    4. labour conditions and fundamental rights of seafarers.

    Four specialists will approach the subject with the presentation of ILO or related international organizations. Later, short, simultaneous workshops will take place for discussion of the four sub-topics.

  5. Poster Presentations
    Participants will be allocated adequate space for the presentation of their posters. Parallel to the Special Labor Maritime Conference, the space for posters and their presentations will be open for the public. The Organizing Committee will arrange for poster discussions by topic and language, to enhance their discussion.
  6. Young labor law scholars of America Discussion
    A panel for discussion will be presented, in accordance with the subject proposed by the Young labor law scholars of America.
  7. National event
    A panel will be opened for one or two topics of national interest. Said panel will take place during the foreigners’ visit to the new Panama Canal.