New Website of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law

When we started our functions, we announced that one of our priorities would be the launching of a new website that would render more dynamic the work of the Society.

Today, thanks to the generous support of Jeffrey Sack and colleagues at Lancaster House in Canada, and of Steven Willborn (USA), we are delighted to announce the launch (

The current website preserves the information that was until today generously hosted by the Argentinian Association of Labour Law on its own website. At the same time, we are including a number of additional components covering Congresses and Seminars, Society and Member News, Young Legal Scholars Section, Open Forum, and Society History.

A New Logo

From a formal viewpoint, you will notice at first glance a stylized logo of the Society that, recalling the former style, proposes a new aesthetic dimension highlighting the global nature of the institution. The new logo was proposed by our colleagues mentioned above and submitted for consultation at the highest institutional level. In this regard, we asked the opinion of our Honorary Presidents and Vice-Presidents. We received positive comments and we can say that there was a general consensus supportive of the new version of the Society’s logo.

Congresses and Seminars

Materials from our Congresses and Seminars are organized on the website and will incorporate all the information that you provide. With the assistance of the organizing committees, our national associations and their members will have access to such information on a constant basis. National and general reports, when they are prepared, will be available for each event, and hopefully will be posted before each congress and seminar takes place, thereby enabling a more informed and vigorous participation. Following the completion of each Congress, the scientific papers will be made available on the website for further consultation by scholars and researchers.
We have already added all the documents available on CDs from several of our world congresses (Jerusalem, Paris, Montevideo, Sydney, Santiago) and from some regional congresses (the European Regional Congress of Seville). In this regard, we would like to obtain complete material from these congresses – including the national reports – and add material from other world and regional congresses. We kindly ask the organizers and colleagues who might have those materials in an electronic format to send them to us so that the scientific production of all our congresses can become available to scholars and researchers.

Society and Member News

The inclusion of “Society News” on our new website will facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge without waiting for the Bulletin. Likewise, we will record the news that we receive from our national chapters (“Members News”). We are convinced that the wide dissemination of the activities of our members will contribute to a better mutual understanding and even to the possibility of joint activities. The research projects that will be reported should also encourage the participation of other members or other researchers, thereby expanding comparative perspectives.

Young Legal Scholars Section

The Young Legal Scholars Section of the Society, which is already in the process of being organised, has its place on the new website. As we proposed, at the initial stage it will be the members themselves of that Section who determine their roles and activities and who also define and incorporate their contents, subject only to the rules of the Society and the policies governing the website.

Open Forum

We also encourage the use of an “Open Forum.” Our national chapters and their members may wish to submit ideas, suggestions, studies, research reports, and other information of common interest, which may give rise to discussion and debate, within the context of the Society’s statutory objectives. This can enhance the participation of the Society’s members in comparative studies and study groups and contribute to further reflections, research networks and other forms of participation in the advancement of academic, scientific and professional knowledge.

Society History

You will also find an updated text of the History of the Society prepared by our Honorary President, Jean-Michel Servais, who was kind enough to respond to our request, based on the original text of our former Secretary-General and Honorary President, Alexandre Berenstein. We believe that preserving our memory is a necessary condition for building a brighter future.


We are making the maximum effort possible to ensure that the fundamental documents of our Society are incorporated in our website in three official languages. When we have a document in only one of those languages (or even in a fourth one) and it is not possible to translate it, we will place the original text on the three linguistic versions of the website as this will, at least, provide easier access for those who may have an interest in that document.


These changes reflect our first ideas for a better and more dynamic website. They are not exclusive or final and we will continue to innovate in a way that best suits our Society’s project. We look forward to your ideas and proposals. In particular, let us know any errors or omissions that have inevitably crept into the text, due to the large amount of material that we have tried to incorporate.

Among its most important assets, the ISLSSL has both an international character and a multicultural dimension. While the plurality of languages renders its management more complex, the diversity of legal cultures offers an unsurpassed richness that will be available to all members of the Society. The new website should, we fervently hope, help to make this possible.

Giuseppe Casale Adrián Goldin
Secretary General President