Message from the President

Dear colleagues and friends,

Two months after the beginning of our administration, we would like to inform you about what we are doing at this initial stage of our mandate and how we would like to proceed in our future work.

First of all, I am working closely and in tandem with the Secretary General and the Treasurer of the Society. The tasks ahead are large and complex, so we need to carry them out together. All of our decisions are the result of our deliberations and agreements.

Our main concern is to strengthen the rigour, seriousness and quality of all our activities. The ISLSSL is an entity of the highest international level and hence, our products must meet the highest academic standard. In this Bulletin there are a few ideas aimed at meeting these objectives and we will constantly work for their achievement ⃛ all our actions and projects are aligned with them. This fortifies our strong conviction that if an institution like ours does not evolve and progress, it will inevitably become irrelevant.

As I have said on previous occasions, I am looking forward to your reactions and suggestions. We are committed to listen, learn and implement your ideas with a view to achieving the Society’s promise and potential.

To all of you, my warmest regards and best wishes for personal and professional success together in the new year.

Adrián Goldin